Jan 13 2013

I am so gay

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I am so gay

I haven’t really posted anything personal for a very long time. I wanted to write about something funny that happened. I was over a friends house who was having a great party for new years. Happy New Year 2013 to everyone, by the way. This friend I knew for 2 years. We played around a bit with each other. We both gave each other oral basically but never went further. We liked each other but not in a relationship.

At this party he had some hot looking guys. I was actually a bit taken back by all these gorgeous guys. I found out later that they were male models. There were 6 guys at this party including me. We of course were all drinking and completely drunk. I wasn’t sure if all these guys were gay but I assumed most of them were. Later I found all of them were!

Here is one picture I found of one of the hottest guys:
This hunk was at a party with me and we sucked and fucked.

This hunk was at a party with me and we sucked and fucked.

What do you think? Hot as fuck, right? Actually most of the guys thought so because we all wanted to talk to him. The party was really getting loud and there was a lot of touching. We just all started to touch and kiss each other at once. Then we took our clothes off and started to have sex. All 6 of us just sucking cock, fucking asses and kissing all over each other. It was the first time I was in a group sex setting which we didn’t even plan. It was the hottest time I’ve had in months and I came like 3 times. I will have to take some pictures and videos next time.

I am so gay
Sep 02 2012

Fucking Man Holes

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This guy is called the Red Rocket and he loves to fuck man holes. This is a very hot video so you should really check it out. Got lot more videos like this at Broke Straight Boys. You won’t regret it. They have the hottest guys fucking each other. I have always loved visiting this site when I am really horny. I’m horny right now and this video just made me even hornier! Enjoy guys! I’ll find more and share it with everyone!

Fucking Man Holes
Jul 07 2011

More sex to share

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Don’t tell anyone I am sharing these videos. I’ll just say I could get in big trouble for sharing this with everyone! I had to share these videos I found. It’s an interesting site. It’s all about bareback fucking which I don’t do a lot. I need to be very safe but it really turns me on having a guy cum in my ass without a condom. I wish I could do it more but I’m waiting for that right guy. Please don’t say anything. I can get a lot more!!

Cumming in a hot ass with no condom is great

Also if you have any requests just put it the comments and I’ll try to find something for you. I have some weird requests that I might put up but some of the stuff is too extreme for me.

Jun 02 2011

College Dudes Study Cocks in their Dorm

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If you know me then you would know I have a thing about college guys. I had a lot of experience in college with hot jocks. One of these days I want to write stories of all the action I had with straight jocks after a game. I wish I knew where they were now. Guess I need to do some Facebook checking.

Studying cocks before an exam at collegeCollege dudes are horny every day and they need to fuck all the time!

Hot hunks at college help each other out with studying.

College Dudes Study Cocks in their Dorm

Carter and Matt on the bed today and they are college dudes who love cock. These jocks really get into it and fuck hardcore in these pictures and videos. Hope you enjoy them. I’ll be adding a link to another video so You can get off to these guys. College dudes site has more pictures and videos like this. I recommend it when you are horny!

College Dudes Study Cocks in their Dorm
Jan 02 2011

Broke Straight Boys Ashton And Jeremy

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Straight boys need money so they go gay

The photographer at Broke Straight Boys says,

On the futon today are Ashton and Jeremy. They are in the studio to do an anal scene together and surprisingly, they are going to do a flip flop, meaning Ashton is going to be topping for a change, while Jeremy will also do the same. Normally, Ashton is the one bottoming as he doesn’t find another guys ass a turn on but obviously, Ashton likes Jeremy enough to be willing to change it up a little. Ashton was looking forward to topping so much, his cock was already hard as a rock just from sitting next to Jeremy on the futon. As Jeremy, Ashton and I were doing our usual pre-scene banter, Ashton proved how flexible he was when he bent down and was able to lick his own cock. (MORE)

Straight guys know how to suck big cocks

The boys stood up, stripping off their clothes as we discussed how much they wanted for the flip flop. As he watched Broke Straight Girls on the TV, Jeremy set about working his cock while Ashton stroked his to maintain the hardness. Sitting down, Ashton immediately told Jeremy to start sucking his cock and without missing a beat, Jeremy did just that. Sliding the hard cock into his straight boy mouth, Jeremy put the hard earned skills to the test, making Ashton moan for more even as Ashton jerked him off. Ashton, full of good ideas, decided that they were going to do a 69 so he lay out on the futon while Jeremy knelt over him, both sucking cock. They shifted to Jeremy sitting on the futon, fisting Ashton’s cock as Ashton swallowed Jeremy’s cock, both boys as hard as rock. Ashton proved he was a cock sucking pro when he deep throated Jeremy. A quick break for some lube for Ashton’s cock and Jeremy went back to wanking him off in hard strokes while Ashton bobbed up and down over Jeremy’s dick. (MORE)

So many straight boys need to be fucked by big cocks

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