Feb 03 2013

Super bowl day

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Super bowl day

It’s super bowl day so I’m going to be watching guys running all over in tight pants all day. I would love to be in the locker room after the game to celebrate with some guys if you know what I mean. It’s a great day to celebrate some hot guys. I remember going to games with college dudes when I was in my 20’s. I had this hot friend who played on the team. He wasn’t gay so I couldn’t make out with him but I gave him a lot of massages. I had to wear tight underwear so my hard on wouldn’t be noticed.

I still dream of my college years today. I had so much sex at that time. I was horny all the time and wanted the jocks the most. So today is a good time to celebrate jock with those big muscles with sweat running down them. I would love it a lot more if there were some gay guys out and proud on the field. Of course I don’t feel bad drooling over the straight boys. Have a great day. I got some more pictures and videos I’ll be posting this week.

Super bowl day
Jan 07 2013

All cock for broke CJ

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I found some new videos of this hot guy named CJ. He is broke just getting out of prison. He knows all about sucking cock now. I would say he is an expert. Check out CJ sucking on Sam’s hard big cock. Would you like to suck on his cock or have CJ suck yours? I would rather suck that big cock myself.

I can’t get enough of these two guys! I love how they suck cock and fuck throughout these videos. I checked out the full video and it made me cum so much. I hope you enjoy them. I promised myself I will be posting a lot more this year. Let’s cum this year a lot!!

All cock for broke CJ
Sep 02 2012

Fucking Man Holes

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This guy is called the Red Rocket and he loves to fuck man holes. This is a very hot video so you should really check it out. Got lot more videos like this at Broke Straight Boys. You won’t regret it. They have the hottest guys fucking each other. I have always loved visiting this site when I am really horny. I’m horny right now and this video just made me even hornier! Enjoy guys! I’ll find more and share it with everyone!