Jan 14 2008

More of my gay cousin

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More of my gay cousin

I posted about my cousin coming out gay in my last post. I spoke to him again today and we talked about a lot of different things. I went through my collection of gay sites while he was here. He is not as confident as I am but I am helping him through this. He’s been in denial for years. Some of his old friends are not his friends anymore and his parents are luke warm to the news. I don’t want to see him feel bad so I am giving him everything I think he needs. We’re both going out with my friends tomorrow to party. I hope it will be fun. I showed him my two favorite gay sites because I love muscle men and bears too! You can check out the muscle men site here and my favorite bear site here. Mostly my web surfing of sites changes with my moods. These two sites might not be my favorite a month from now. I’m strange in that way.

Here are some video galleries for you and my cousin to check out. I hope he reads my blog about him. I think it will make him feel like he has someone to pick him up when things are looking down!

Nov 27 2006

My thanksgiving day weekend

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During the Thanksgiving weekend I found out my cousin is gay. I thought he might be but was never sure. Because I am out and proud he came out to me to ask me some questions. It was nice to really talk truthfully with him and be able to help him out. I told him the places I go to find gay guys easy and told him we can go out and show him how to approach guys. I told him about some of the porn sites on the internet and some porn movies to get. I found the conversation really great. I have to go now but will post more about this later.

Nov 19 2006

College Parties

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I have this good friend who came over today and started to tell me what happened at a college party he went to. I remember my days in college. My days weren’t as exciting as my friends. Maybe the times have changed. Maybe it’s easier to find these gay sex parties at college now. I was never that lucky. I always had to be careful and approach guys who I liked very carefully. I begin to follow my instincts to find the guys who were gay also. What would I be now if I had the chance to fuck at these parties. Would I be any different or that same person today. I personally believe the chances for today is so much better then I was growing up. I can actually write about stuff in my life and have others read it. I can actually find pictures and videos that I can share with people I haven’t met or will meet in the future. Here’s some of those hot videos I have found for everyone to view!

Oct 24 2006

The day after my date

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I recently watched a great gay porn movie with some of my friends. It’s called Cowboys and I reviewed it in my movie blog. I have to recommend this to any guy who loves muscle hunks fucking hardcore. The bathroom scene is a must and I would be surprised if you don’t cum like I did.

Today is going to be a slow day. I fucked all night yesterday and I’m so tired. I’ll probably go back to bed for some rest before I have to go out and get some food. The date I had last night was terrific and we will be seeing each other on thursday so I need to get my energy back. I’ll post more tomorrow.

Oct 23 2006

The Gay Life

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Today I decided to create a blog so I can write about my thoughts and dreams. You can read all about me in the about page to your right. I haven’t had a boyfriend for a couple of years. I was very faithful in my first relationship and if I ever find the right guy I would be faithful to him too. These two years have been such an exciting time of my life. I have been meeting so many guys off the internet and in clubs. I learned about many different fetishes and have experiences some kinky stuff. All these experiences are changing me for the good. I know now there are so many people out there with different urges and wants.

For my first post I would like to talk about a little bit about what I find fun on the internet. Now I love meeting guys online so I have been searching out gay chat rooms. I love gay.com where I can chat all day and meet some of the hottest guys around. I also try to chat on yahoo messenger chat rooms but without being able to make my own room it gets hard to find men who have the same interest. I do love the fact I can chat with yahoo messenger and have my webcam on to show off what I look like. 😉 In fact right now I need to stop because I have a date in 30 minutes. A big tall guy with massive muscles should be walking through my door. Sometimes that doesn happen but I really hope it does because I need some man muscle meat tonight!