Jun 27 2011

Doctor fantasies can be true

Posted by Pat Twink in fetish, hand jobs
Doctor fantasies can be true

I always had fantasies of doctors having a way with me. It started when I was around 20. I had a bad sickness and had to go to the doctor regularly. My family doctor was so hot! He was definitely a hunk! I had dreams of him at night sucking his cock and getting fucked by him.

So I wanted to share these videos with everyone because this is the stuff I had fantasies when I was younger. I am sure others wished their doctors would be gay so they could have their way with them.

Doctor fantasies can be true
Hot doctor having some funDoctor finger fucks hot college student in office

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  1. Joe897time Says:

    Ok that is weird but It’s cool that you shared this stuff. Thanks! Hope someone will find it exciting to cum to.

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