Oct 23 2006

The Gay Life

Posted by Pat Twink in mylife, thoughts

Today I decided to create a blog so I can write about my thoughts and dreams. You can read all about me in the about page to your right. I haven’t had a boyfriend for a couple of years. I was very faithful in my first relationship and if I ever find the right guy I would be faithful to him too. These two years have been such an exciting time of my life. I have been meeting so many guys off the internet and in clubs. I learned about many different fetishes and have experiences some kinky stuff. All these experiences are changing me for the good. I know now there are so many people out there with different urges and wants.

For my first post I would like to talk about a little bit about what I find fun on the internet. Now I love meeting guys online so I have been searching out gay chat rooms. I love gay.com where I can chat all day and meet some of the hottest guys around. I also try to chat on yahoo messenger chat rooms but without being able to make my own room it gets hard to find men who have the same interest. I do love the fact I can chat with yahoo messenger and have my webcam on to show off what I look like. 😉 In fact right now I need to stop because I have a date in 30 minutes. A big tall guy with massive muscles should be walking through my door. Sometimes that doesn happen but I really hope it does because I need some man muscle meat tonight!

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