Feb 08 2013

Want feet?

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I went out with this guy who had a foot fetish last weekend. I have no problem with feet actually. I have given massages and tickled some nice looking feet. But I never thought of feet as something for sex. Well this guy really loved my feet. He enjoyed sucking and licking my sweaty soles. I didn’t care because we were going to have sex anyway. We were going to lick each other’s asses so that probably is dirtier than feet. Here is some pics I took of his feet. What do you think?

I tried worshiping his feet too. I enjoyed it because he was really aroused by it. I am not sure if I would go out to look for more feet to suck but it is a nice foreplay. He wanted to cum on my feet but I told him to cum inside my ass. Maybe next time I will let him cum on my feet. What do you guys think? Anybody into that? It seems like fun to me.

Here’s a website I found
Jun 27 2011

Doctor fantasies can be true

Posted by Pat Twink in fetish, hand jobs

I always had fantasies of doctors having a way with me. It started when I was around 20. I had a bad sickness and had to go to the doctor regularly. My family doctor was so hot! He was definitely a hunk! I had dreams of him at night sucking his cock and getting fucked by him.

So I wanted to share these videos with everyone because this is the stuff I had fantasies when I was younger. I am sure others wished their doctors would be gay so they could have their way with them.

Hot doctor having some funDoctor finger fucks hot college student in office